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Rare and expensive gold coins- price, photo

Values of rare old coins, prices of gold and silver coins. See this prices if you want sell or buy rare gold or silver coins. Find out how much a coin is worth, the listed prices are indications of the coin marketplace only, and are not offers to buy or sell.

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1992 5oz Gold Chinese Renshen Year Monkey 500 yuan coin

Country: China Year issue: 1992 Sale date: 2007-11-01 Bids: 20 Price*: 19750

Rare coin 1992 year issue - China. This listing is for the elusive 5 ounce Gold Chinese Renshen Year (Monkey Year) coin that is official legal tender in China. Just ninty-nine (99) of this commemorative coin were minted, and considering there are over 1.2 billion Chinese citizens, it is considered extremely scarce. What follows is the text printed on the Certificate of Authenticity that comes with this lot, numbered 00046: "The 5-ounce 1992 Chinese Renshen Year (Monkey Year) commemorative gold coin is legal tender of the People"s Republic of China issued by the People"s Bank of China, minted by China Mint Company and distributed by China Gold Coin Incorporation. It depicts the pavilion of Emperor Teng on the obverse, and the reverse the painting by the famous painter Huang Junbi. The coin is 60 mm in diameter, contains 5 troy ounces of pure gold, 99.9% in composition, 500 yuan in face value, and has a mintage of 99 pieces only. This is to certify that the coin is up to standard as to its fineness and weight."This coin comes housed in a hard plastic capsule that is enclosed inside a sonically sealed plastic sleeve. The wooden presentation box that holds the coin is line with a red and white velvetlike material and shows golden lettering on the lid. Finally, this box is housed inside a decorative outer box that is covered with a pick cloth that diplays a lovely floral pattern. Coin price 01 November 2007 19750 *.

1992 5oz Gold Chinese Renshen Year Monkey 500 yuan coin >>>>>


Silver Ingot From the Nuestra Senora De Atoch

Country: # Other countries Year issue: 1622 Sale date: 2007-11-01 Bids: 13 Price*: 15000

Rare coin 1622 year issue - # Other countries. Silver Ingot From the Nuestra Senora De Atocha. On September 6, 1622, the Nuestra Senora De Atocha, a heavily laden treasure ship of King Philip IV sank while returning to Spain during a hurricane off the coast of Florida. It contained 260 people and tons of silver, gold, and other treasure items that had been taken from the Indian tribes of upper Peru (modern Boliva).This lot features a magnificent rectangular silver ingot weighing 73 pounds, 9.12 Ounces (Troy). It measures 14" long x 4.5" wide x 3" high (approximate). The base is stamped with various markings including: serial number, purity of the silver, fineness, tax seal, monogram of the owner/shipper, and various other markings of unknown origin. Coin price 01 November 2007 15000 *.

Silver Ingot From the Nuestra Senora De Atoch >>>>>


Colombia 8 Escudo 1779NR JJ NGC MS-64

Country: Colombia Year issue: 1779 Sale date: 2007-10-30 Bids: 15 Price*: 13000

Rare coin 1779 year issue - Colombia. Colombia. 8 Escudo, 1779NR JJ. Carol(us) III. KM 50.1. (NGC MS-64). obv.: Armored bust, facing right. rev.: Crowned arms in collar of the Golden Fleece. Slight lamination on cheek, and rubbed forehead away from Gem. Coin price 30 October 2007 13000 *.

Colombia 8 Escudo 1779NR JJ NGC MS-64 >>>>>

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1893-S Morgan Dollar Extremely Rare AU

Country: United States Year issue: 1893 Sale date: 2007-10-21 Bids: 45 Price*: 8800

Rare coin 1893 year issue - United States. This is a Morgan dollar everyone should have in their collection!!!! The second most sought-after date in the series! Only one of a few to come our way, and the ONLY AU!! This is a VERY attractive coin!! Surfaces have TONS of eye-appeal, are pretty smooth, with nice details! You should seriously consider adding this coin to your collection!! WHAT a RARE coin!!! Be sure to check out all the coins up in the next couple of weeks!!! Please consult your personal price guide for an estimated value on this auction. Coin price 21 October 2007 8800 *.

1893-S Morgan Dollar Extremely Rare AU >>>>>



Country: Russia Year issue: 1725 Sale date: 2007-10-21 Bids: 24 Price*: 6100

Rare coin 1725 year issue - Russia. Year: 1725, AUTHENTICITY NGC CERTIFIED!, Denomination: Rouble, Type: MEMORIAL, SAMODERZHITSA, WIDE TAIL, Grade: Very Fine Plus, Conros #: 49/3, Conros, $ : 10,000+. Coin price 21 October 2007 6100 *.



1909 - S VDB Lincoln Cent ( MS 65 RD ) PCGS GRADED

Country: United States Year issue: 1909 Sale date: 2007-10-20 Bids: 64 Price*: 6214

Rare coin 1909 year issue - United States. Victor David Brenners design for the Lincoln Cent broke new ground by placing the image of an actual person on a coin made for circulation. In another break with tradition, Brenner placed his initials near the bottom of the back of the coin. Despite their small size, the letters V.D.B. were obvious enough to created an uproar with the public and Mint officials, who immediately demanded their removal. This was done later in 1909, resulting in the creation of four varieties: 1909 (with and without V.D.B.) and 1909-S (with and without V.D.B.). The 1909-S V.D.B. is the rarest of the four varieties. In 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt commissioned the famous American sculptor and artist, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, to prepare designs for a new Small Cent. Initially, Saint-Gaudens design for the obverse featured a Flying Eagle motif similar to James Barton Longacres designs on the Small Cents of 1856-1858. However, this design was scrapped in favor of a head of Victory in profile wearing an Indian headdress. Saint-Gaudens and Roosevelt liked this design so much that they used it on the 1907 $10 instead of on the Cent. Saint-Gaudens died of cancer before making any more progress on the Cent design so it was not until 1909 that Victor David Brenner created the famous bust of Abraham Lincoln with which we are all so familiar today. In fact, the 1909-S V.D.B. Penny has long been considered one of the key dates in the series, filling the dreams of collectors young and old. While the mintage of 484,000 may seem high compared to many other American rarities, one must understand that there are millions of people who collect Lincoln Head Cents. There are simply not enough 1909-S VDB Pennies to satisfy all of the collector demand. Coin price 20 October 2007 6214 *.

1909 - S VDB Lincoln Cent ( MS 65 RD ) PCGS GRADED >>>>>

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