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Poland - Rare and expensive gold coins - price, photo

Poland - values of rare old coins, prices of gold and silver coins. A guide for coin prices and values. See this prices if you want sell or buy rare gold or silver coins of Poland.

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"Orginal Poland gold ducat 1637 "

Country: Poland Year issue: 1637 Sale date: 2012-02-03 Bids: 1 Price*: 9300

Rare coin 1637 year issue - Poland. "Orginal Poland gold ducat 1637 XF, Wladislaus IV 1632-1648 (Thorn). " Coin price 03 February 2012 9300 *.

"Orginal Poland gold ducat 1637 " >>>>>

Orginal Poland gold ducat 1637

Poland 5 zlotych 1931 Nike

Country: Poland Year issue: 1931 Sale date: 2008-11-15 Bids: 25 Price*: 1102

Rare coin 1931 year issue - Poland. Poland 5 silver zlotych 1931 Nike. Coin price 15 November 2008 1102 *.

Poland 5 zlotych 1931 Nike >>>>>


Poland, Pope John Paul II, PROOF Ultra Cameo 1,000 zl

Country: Poland Year issue: 1982 Sale date: 2008-11-15 Bids: 1 Price*: 2950

Rare coin 1982 year issue - Poland. Beautiful, original and scare Ultra Cameo ( Frosted ), Polish gold coin, 1,000 zlotych, with Pope John Paul II ( Papiez Jan Pawel II ) in uncirculated - PROOF Condition. Coin is graded by NGC to be PF69, the highest for a 26 year old coin. Low mintage: only 1,700 coins released listed - Fischer Catalog # KZ 003! This is super nice papal coin. Coin was minted in Switzerland - Mint CHI in year 1982 to commemorate his Holiness first Visit to Poland since becoming the Pope. Coin was stored for years, slabbed and kept in a plastic bag for protection of the holder, see pictures below. Just for your information, very few of these coins reached the Polish market, many were melted and rest are stored by private collectors. This is one of the first Polish gold coin with the Polish Pope John Paul II -- Very Rare coin. Prices for these coins are going up very fast. Bid with confidence, see my feedback. Listed in the Fischer Catalog as # KZ 003, Metal: Gold / Au.9001,000 zl w/ Pope John Paul II VISIT (Proof - Stempel Lustrzany). Diameter 18 mm, weight 3.4 grams. Mintage Only 1700 pcs.This coin is graded and sealed by known company NGC - Numismatic Guarantee Corporation! Right now, the stock market is hitting lows and prices are increasing on everything from groceries to a gallon of gasoline and gold/silver. This time is the best to invest your money into collectibles like coins or bars especially Polish coins. Once Poland will change money / currency into Euro, than value of those coins will be very high. Some Polish Online stores are asking 21,000 zlotych (~ $8,750) for the similar with marks, and not graded coin. Coin price 15 November 2008 2950 *.

Poland, Pope John Paul II, PROOF Ultra Cameo 1,000 zl >>>>>


Poland Rare 1933 5 Zloytch Silver PROBA Pattern Coin

Country: Poland Year issue: 1933 Sale date: 2008-11-10 Bids: 18 Price*: 10100

Rare coin 1933 year issue - Poland. Republic of Poland. Very Beautiful Extremely Rare Uncirculated 1933 "Queen Jadwiga". 5 Zloytch Silver PROBA Pattern 28 mm. 11. g. Coin with mint mark and PROBA. (Fischer P025). Extremely Low Mintage with Only 100 coins minted. Coin price 10 November 2008 10100 *.

Poland Rare 1933 5 Zloytch Silver PROBA Pattern Coin >>>>>


Poland under Russia 1834 Gold 20 Zlotych / 3 Rubles

Country: Poland Year issue: 1834 Sale date: 2008-11-02 Bids: 25 Price*: 5789

Rare coin 1834 year issue - Poland. Poland under Russia, Dual Denomination Coin. 1834 CNB - Gold 20 Zlotych / 3 Rubles. Beautiful, original and very scare Polish GOLD coin, 20 Zlotych / 3 Rubles (Dual - Polish / Russian Denomination), struck during Russian occupation of Poland in Almost Uncirculated condition, slabbed and graded by NGC to be AU 55. Listed in Fischer Catalog as # 041; Metal: Gold (Au); 20 Zlotych / 3 Rubles; Diameter 19 mm, weight 3.8 grams; Mintage Only 77 106 pcs. Coin price 02 November 2008 5789 *.

Poland under Russia 1834 Gold 20 Zlotych / 3 Rubles >>>>>

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